Creating Auto Replies For Instagram Direct Messages

Here’s how to set up our AutoResponder



You just received 100 Instagram DMs, in a single night, and feel like you can’t handle it? InstaReply will do it for you.

Working as a social media manager is a hard task. Especially when you’re dealing with a large customer base that will need constant support. However, what if you could automate this process? Not only could you cut down on marketing budgets, but also leave clients much more satisfied, due to the quick direct message replies!

Work smart, not hard – my cat.

You see, the problem with Instagram bots nowadays, is that most of them WILL make your account look spammy, and get you blacklisted easily. The good thing about InstaReply, is that this will NOT be a problem. Here’s why:


You can add replies to either DM’s that CONTAIN text, or EQUAL text. This means that if someone includes the word “bitcoin” in his DM to you, you can reply with a predetermined text, such as: “We accept bitcoin in our store”.

And no, we aren’t a spammy, intrusive bot. InstaReply is awesome at ensuring that your Instagram account remains safe and not “botty” looking. In fact, you can even set the timing between InstaReply reading the direct message, and InstaReply actually answering the DM.

Here is a look at this setting:  

I personally set this to 10 seconds. As it generally looks much more legitimate and human-like as possible. However, you have other options here: 

So as you can see, you can completely personalize your InstaReply experience and make fantastic use of this tool.

As always, we hope you take some inspiration from this post to create some awesome InstaReply software settings. However, if you’re still having trouble with the settings, or need general help, never hesitate to contact us as

Happy botting!

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